Who is elaine wynn dating

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US billionaire Steve Wynn is reported to have left his wife of 46 years for British divorcee Andrea Hissom.

She is believed to be well known among London's social set, and her Facebook page lists over 70 friends including financier Guy Dellal.“I have to ask, and if you don’t want to answer, I understand, but you clearly still have a very good relationship with Mrs. "She’s my buddy, she’s my best friend,” he intoned.“I love her.” For many people—especially those of us who have endured ugly breakups that did involve billions of dollars—this may seem baffling.Steve Wynn became involved with British divorcee Andrea Hissom while he was still wed to his wife of 46 years.He hardly even kept the relationship a secret, and within a year he and Elaine were divorced.

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According to reports in the US, Wynn dumped his wife Elaine for Hissom after the pair were introduced at one of his casinos. Legal experts said the divorce would be the most expensive ever, eclipsing the £100million U. basketball star Michael Jordan paid his wife Juanita when they split.

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