Carbon dating four gospels

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Check here for important announcements and other Shroud of Turin Website news.This page will be updated whenever new page additions, articles and other resources are added to the site.The Gospel of Judas is a Gnostic gospel whose content consists of conversations between Jesus and Judas Iscariot.It is thought to have been composed in the second century by Gnostic Christians, not by the protagonist Judas, since it contains late-2nd-century theology.In contrast to the canonical gospels, which paint Judas as a betrayer who delivered Jesus to the authorities for crucifixion in exchange for money, the Gospel of Judas portrays Judas's actions as done in obedience to instructions given to him by Christ.It does not claim that the other disciples knew about Jesus's true teachings.Jesus astonished the religious leaders of Israel by healing the vision of a young man who was born blind because His miracle was tantamount to claiming He was the true Messiah.

The life of Jesus of Nazareth began in the controversy of His virgin birth and ended thirty three and a half years later with the most astonishing claim that He actually rose from the dead on the third day following His death on the cross.The ancient prophet Isaiah had foretold that one of the unique signs of the coming Messiah was that he would "open the eyes of the blindÓ (Isaiah 42:7).Until that point in history no one had ever healed someone born anonymous writer would "speak" in the name of a historical figure.The Gospels, it was felt, would more likely be viewed as accurate, authentic, and persuasive if it was believed they were written by the disciples of Jesus, eyewitnesses to his ministry. In addition, Paul was one of the most fundamental figures (some would argue, more influential than Jesus himself) in what was to become the Christianity of the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church.

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