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like randomly approaching strangers and demanding that they get coffee with you.

But now that you’ve had some time to try things out…

It's frustrating that so trivial an exchange could have the power to derail my entire adult identity.

I don't consciously go through life thinking of my lunch habits 10 years ago, but it's telling how so small a trigger can immediately revert me to my high school self.

Ignoring the fact that most people it’s ok to approach women is to consider the social context of the situation.

At any given time, there are generally accepted rules that define what behavior is considered acceptable and appropriate for the situation.

We're all too familiar with the supposed dos and don'ts of texting; the endless conversations you have with your girlfriends over dinner, lunch, breakfast, coffee, drinks, work and basically whenever you're not sleeping. Click to see the stages of texting and why you should follow our advice - though it may not be a cure-all, if you want to talk to him then you can start a conversation.

Because obviously no one uses their phone to actually call people anymore, and instead we spend our lives obsessing over the rules of the texting game.

When your behavior goes the accepted social context, then you end up making people uncomfortable.Much like in the real world, first impressions count for everything; in online dating, women have even way of contacting someone: the wink, poke, nudge, smile, flirt function.Just about every online dating site out there has some variation on this. Too many people spend too much time focusing on one particular girl at a time, developing an online version of one-itis.And I'm not alone: An article last week in Magazine states that this reversion to our adolescent selves is part of human nature - biology, even.According to writer Jennifer Senior, when it comes to identity, high school is not only formative, it's lasting.

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George Sachs, a clinical psychologist specializing in Child and Adolescent Psychology at the Sachs Center.