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Summary: During their fifth year, Harry and Hermione overhear a conversation that makes them rethink friendships, relationships, and their future in the magical world.They make a choice and Hermione’s plan reveals a legacy thought long lost.

She turned slightly to see if there was an avenue of escape and her gaze collided with Janelle Delacour’s. The older girl gathered her up in a fierce hug the first chance she got. I think Emerta Réamonn hates me.” “Oh, she definitely hates you,” Janelle said with a laugh.

With over twenty-five years in ministry and nearly two decades in the pastorate, Dr.

Vernon is the founder and senior pastor of The Word Church, the largest and fastest growing church in the history of Cleveland, Ohio and one of the fastest growing churches in America.

“This is my sister, Diandre, and her daughter Fleur whom you’ve met previously.” “It’s a pleasure,” Hermione said as she took the hand Diandre offered. “Fleur, it’s lovely to see you again.” “Hermione.” Fleur clutched at her hand and pressed a fleeting kiss against her cheek. We should have tea while you’re on Yule break.” Hermione nodded.

“We don’t return to Hogwarts until January 6, I’ll be in our townhouse in Hogsmeade most of that time as Harry has some conclave obligations over the break.” She stepped back and Fleur released her.

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One minute you're spraying perfume around the cheetah exhibit.

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